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We produce juices and nectars since 1971

  1. About us

About company

“BakuKonserv” JSC is one of the oldest and the largest canned food factory in Azerbaijan. Organic food lovers have been delighted with our pomegranate, tomato and grape juices since the Soviet times.

Blend of traditional recipes of the Azerbaijan cuisine and innovative technologies let us produce juices and canned food, which taste and quality satisfy most demanding customers. All our products are made from carefully sel ected fruits and vegetables which are grown in Azerbaijan.

With the arrival of new shareholders the plant was modernised and equipped with advanced facilities that meet European standards.

In particular, the company installed a new German squeezing press, ultra filtration and an automatic bottling line.

In 2005, “BakuKonserv” opened a canned food factory in Ganja, the second largest city of Azerbaijan, which led to an increase in total production area up to 7,500 sq.m.

In Ganja we also make jams, preserves and eggplant paste. The company uses aseptic equipment allowing to produce juices and other canned food without any additives and preservatives.

“BakuKonserv” JSC also owns over 1,000 hectares of gardens in Goranboy and Ujar regions of Azerbaijan. In this gardens we grow pomegranates, tomatoes, eggplants and other vegetables which are used to make all our products.

In 2011 “BakuKonserv” JSC launched the program aimed to increase production capacity at its plants producing juices, nectars, jams and preserves.

We opened a new plant on the 17th of August 2020 in Elektrostal (Moscow region).

Investments in new equipment exceeded 2.6 mln. euros. Two new state-of-the-art bottling lines, made by Italian manufacturer AMS Ferrari, were installed with capacity of 3000 l/h each. This not only increased the capacity but also fully automated the process of filling.

“BakuKonserv” JSC owns 3 factories so far: in Baku (Azerbaijan), in Ganja (Azerbaijan) and in Elektrostal (MR). The growing demand on the market for new high-quality juices and nectars throughout the country and the leadership of the brand “Telli”, “Telli Gold”, “Pomegranate Garden”, “Gulnar”, “Azeri-Grand”, “Golden Pomegranate” in the juice market segment in both premium and economy class were the main factor in decision making about drastic increase of production capacity.

We hope our company will maintain the leadership in the market segment of pomegranate juice and will please you with unsurpassed quality of our products.

Our brands:

  • Economy class – “NARGIZ”, “Gulnar”, “Pomegranate Garden”, “Azeri-Grand” – juices and nectars made from concentrate 1 liter and 0.25 liter.
  • Premium class – “GUNAY”, “Telli”, “Telli Grand” – concentrate juices, 1 liter.
  • Luxury-class – “Telli Gold” – concentrate juices without added sugar – This item is produced in and exported fr om Azerbaijan.
  • Nectars – “Gulnar”, “Azeri-Grand” – these items are made in Elektrostal (MR).
The planned range of products – all red-concentrate juices without added sugar, 1 liter.

If you purchase in bulk we can produce juice under your trademark (PTM).