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We produce juices and nectars since 1971

Pomegranate juices Telli

Each grain is a delicious treat…

Fruit and vegetable juices and nectars “Telli”

The power of natural vitamins!

Fruit and berry nectars “Azeri-Grand”

The best taste of your favorite fruits and berries!

“BakuKonserv” CJS is one of the oldest and the largest canned food factory in Azerbaijan. Organic food lovers have been delighted with our pomegranate, tomato and grape juices since the Soviet times.

Blend of traditional recipes of the Azerbaijan cuisine and innovative technologies let us produce juices and canned food, which taste and quality satisfy most demanding customers. All our products are made from carefully selected fruits and vegetables which are grown in Azerbaijan.

“BakuKonserv” CJS owns 3 factories so far: in Baku (Azerbaijan), in Ganja (Azerbaijan) and in Elektrostal (MR).

Our brands:

  1. Economy class – “NARGIZ”, “Gulnar”, “Pomegranate Garden”, “Azeri-Grand” – juices and nectars made from concentrate 1 liter and 0.25 liter.
  2. Premium class – “GUNAY”, “Telli”, “Telli Grand” – concentrate juices, 1 liter.
  3. Luxury-class – “Telli Gold” – concentrate juices without added sugar – This item is produced in and exported from Azerbaijan.
  4. Nectars – “Gulnar”, “Azeri-Grand” – these items are made in Elektrostal (MR).