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We produce juices and nectars since 1971

  1. Juices and nectars Telli

Juices and nectars Telli

In February of year 2015 the range of products was filled up with juices and nectars of “Telli” brand.

In our fruits and vegetable juices and nectars we save for you all natural vitamins.

Juices and nectars “Telli” is made from fresh fruits, with no added sugar, no preservatives and flavors. 

After squeezing we carefully store the juice before pouring it in a glass bottle.

In this way you get the more natural flavor and valuable nutrients

Nowadays the range of juices and nectars is the following:

  • Apple juice 
  • Orange juice 
  • Cherry juice 
  • Tomato juice 
  • Carrot nectar 
  • Pumpkin nectar 
  • Pomegranate and rose hip nectar
  • Rose hip and aronia nectar 

More information about the range of juices and nectars “Telli” you can find HERE.

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